Innovus Essence is a decorative melamine surface board for indoor use with a finish that is perfectly synchronised (EIR) with the wood design. Innovus Essence perfectly blends a beautiful look and feel with all the previously known properties and advantages of Innovus melamine surfaces

Innovus Essence is a tribute to our passion: wood. ith Innovus Essence we went back to the origins, looking for the textures, look and feel of real wood and recreating it in a melamine surfaced panel with synchronized (EIR) finish.

Smart User Experience

All our Innovus Essence decorative boards are double-sided EIR,
so the look and feel of the wood remains the same,
no matter the application.

Why digital printing is important
to the graphics market?

Digital print decoration offers endless possibilities,
including real photos and a variety of graphic,
color changing designs.



On May 04, 2022

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Baodao warm current! Good-hearted people don’t collect money to help repair the house.

On Jul 28, 2016

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"Civil society is more reliable than officials" Home repair! Aunt tears volunteers

On Jul 28, 2016

A netizen posted a photo of the victims and volunteers on Facebook, which made many people deeply touched. Some even said that this was "the most moving photo of the year."

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